Is there a way to auto-link to tickets in bug tracker?

Hi there.

We use Mattermost and it’s great.

One thing that would make our lives so much easier is if it automatically created links to our issue tracker when bugs where mentioned. e.g. if someone wrote “blah blah blah bug 23 blah blah” then ‘bug 23’ becomes a link to bug 23.

Is it possible to add this kind of hook?

Hi @MarkMaldaba,

Currently there is no functionality for this but we built our system with doing things like that in mind and it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle to implement. If you would like to submit a feature request we can get the ball rolling on the process that can this type of feature into Mattermost.

Hi @jwilander - thanks for the reply.

I’ve logged a feature request here:

Note that I came across this project, which looks like it might do something similar to what I’m asking about:

I can’t seem to find any instructions about how to actually integrate this into Mattermost nor how it actually works in practice, so I’m not sure if it quite does what I’m after, but it looks like it’s using a web service to modify the message text when submitted, in which case a variant of this might solve my problem.

What do you think? Is it doing what I think it is?

Hi @MarkMaldaba,

Thanks for submitting the feature request!

As for that integration, it looks like it will check if the post has a ticket number in it and if it does it will post back into the same channel with ticket info and presumably a link to the ticket on Jira. It won’t edit the original post though, and it might get a bit spammy if your users are talking with ticket numbers all the time.

I’m not sure if that’s good enough for what you’re looking for but it might be useful for you in the meantime.

Ah - is that how it works?

You’re right - that would be too spammy. I’ll wait to see how the feature request proceeds.

Thanks for your input.