Mention Jira keys in chat messages


As a Hipchat refugee I’m missing one feature in Jira integration - the ability to enter a Jira key (FOO-123) in the chat (channel #foo-dev) and have Mattermost respond with a issue summary in #foo-dev if any issue matches. I would also like to have the issue commented or in other ways notified that there was a mention of it in channel #foo-dev

I’m a developer so I could probably hack something together but before I go and do that I’m interested in knowing if something like this exists or is being worked on.

I know that the /jira addon exists but I would rather not have to prefix messages with /jira.

I see post intercepts as enabling this kind of use case.

I recently stumbled upon MM-8247. The comments (see image) makes me think you have something like this in production or pre-prod. Any pointers to that code or how to enable this would be appreciated :slight_smile:


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Hi @johan.ferner, thank you for reaching out.

I’m not 100% if that is already in the plans, but here is a link to our Jira plugin that enables the improvement you showed in the screenshot: The newest version of the plugin works in Mattermost v5.2+ :