Unable to query Jira from Mattermost

We recently upgraded Jira and added SSL. Trying to update the Jira plugin for Mattermost, it keeps trying to talk to Jira over 8080 instead of 8443.

I uninstalled the previous server instance, there is now only one and it uses 8443.
I deleted the webhooks and application links in Jira for Mattermost.
I installed the new server instance using /jira commands, followed the instructions setting up the new application link, and running /jira connect to connect my Mattermost account to Jira.

If I type in a Jira ticket number in Mattermost, it turns it into a hyperlink and when I click on it, it keeps taking me to the Jira instance over 8080, instead of 8443, which doesn’t work. The Jira instance in Mattermost has the correct port, but Mattermost appears to be ignoring the port.

I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled the Jira plugin in Mattermost.

Kind of at a loss for what to do next.

Hi Mike and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

I’m not 100% sure the ticket number to link conversion is being done by the Jira plugin, at least I have never done that with this plugin and I’m not even aware that it is capable of doing so. Could it be that you or someone else configured the autolink plugin to replace ticketnumbers with links and that the autolink plugin needs to be modified accordingly?

Check your config.json file for the strings “8080” (if this is the case, you should find a respective entry there) or run /autolink list in any channel to see all available configured autolinks.

I checked the config.json, and it does appear that someone created an autolink to do what I was referencing. Updating the autolink with the new URL and restarting mattermost service has resolved my issue.

Thanks for the help!

Awesome, great to hear that you’re all set now and thanks for reporting back :slight_smile: