Is version 5.0.2 supposed to require you to manually reload to connect?

We have remote workers that have to conenct to a vpn to connect to the internet. THis means when they first login mattermost does not get internet access immediately. Due to this, mattermost shows the screen that it cannot conenct. On older versions it would try to recoonect again later, but on version 5.0.2 this does not seem to occur. Is this normal behavior, and if so, is there a way to return the ability for the program to try to reconnect automatically?

What Mattermost server version are you on? Do you see any errors in Mattermost logs?

Will have to wait for my manager to get the version number and logs direct from server.

Actually i believe i found the server version

I would recommend upgrading the server to a more recent version. We currently support v5.37 (Extended Support Release), as well as versions 6.0+.