Issue with Adding Users from Multiple Domains on Self-Hosted Mattermost

Hi Team,

I’m using a self-hosted Mattermost instance on the “” domain with the version detailed below. I am encountering an error when attempting to add users from multiple domains, specifically “” (without the “s”) and “” I have already added these domains to the “Restrict new system and team members to specified email domains:” setting in the “signup” section, but it is still not working.

Please assist us in resolving this issue.

Mattermost Version: 9.7.2
Database Schema Version: 119
Build Number: 8666739401
Database: PostgreSQL


9.7.2 is a little out of date. 9.7.5 is out. I doubt that’ll resolve this, but it’s possible.

What does the mattermost.log say? Turn the LogLevel up to DEBUG, restart the service, tail out the log, try to add a user, and see what goes by.

Does that system successfully resolve those domian names?

Hi John,

Thanks for the reply.

It’s sorted after adding domains under the “User Management” → “Team” section.


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