Issue with AWS SES to send email

Hi there,

I’ve setup an instance, but I’m wondering about how I can use AWS SES to send email invites to new members.

I’ve tested AWS SES through the mgmt console and I can send mail without any issue. If I try to send an invite from the mattermost server I never receive anything.

Here’s my current config.json:

"EmailSettings": {
        "ByPassEmail" : false,
        "SMTPUsername": "**Key**",
        "SMTPPassword": "**Secret Key**,
        "SMTPServer": "",
        "UseTLS": true,
        "FeedbackEmail": "",
        "FeedbackName": "MatterMost",
        "ApplePushServer": "",
        "ApplePushCertPublic": "",
        "ApplePushCertPrivate": ""

Here’s a snippet from the log:

[2015/08/21 01:24:28 UTC] [INFO] sending invitation to

Any suggestions?

Is there an error around the message “sending invitation to …” in the log file ? Or you might see an error message about email isn’t configured. I’m assuming you’ve replaced and it was a valid email address.

Otherwise It looks correct.

Do you see any bounce reports in AWS SES?

We use Amazon SES internally and set it up similar to the steps listed at