Issue with the Mattermost push proxy when I try to send a push notification via FCM

I recently upgraded the mattermost push proxy server to the latest version 6.0.1. I take the backup of the config file and change the ServiceFileLocation with the one we get from the FCM console. When I try to send messages the push log looks like this.
INFO: 2024/04/23 12:41:42 logger.go:62: Sending android push notification for device=android type=message ackId=99t96z75z7razde75wa1sgc8jr
ERR: 2024/04/23 12:41:42 logger.go:80: Failed to send FCM push sid=z4395g3upfgeux5u5ymmtsgs9h did=dBNgZywRS4GFyEBWVnDMn0:APA91bERk3TAgsUwy-fM6590_Zm6fC0yOO0fUXmasZjsBpxWkR-fl7Dz7HwZEKQ7lzCDtthS37KvkVAQCWFx61pczwz_KaAyJQcS6bv_38aczuP_hX7pBMNo9Vg6OVNthcz4uZjt_Wu8 err=context deadline exceeded type=android

Any help is appreciated.