Jitsi plugin missing in marketplace after fresh install

Hi! After installing the latest team version (9.5.1) via docker, there is no Jitsi plugin in the marketplace, and there is no Boards plugin either.
How can they be installed now?

Link for Jitsi plugin on the marketplace website redirect to an old blogpost:

The in-add Marketplace is for plug-ins that are supported by us. I wasn’t aware that Jitsi was at some point, but I know Boards was deprecated from our product and is now community supported.

Thanks for the answer! As far as I can see on the GitHub page of the Jitsi plugin it says the following:

In Mattermost, open Main Menu > Plugin Marketplace to install and configure the Jitsi plugin.

And I don’t quite understand how to install plugin.

That’s going to be a bug in the docs. Scroll sown to “Manual builds”. I’ve asked for the docs to be updated, and if there’s a downloadable .tar.gz to include where to find it.

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Thank you! There is a very lack of clear instructions for installing plugins that are supported by the community. :pray:

Releases · mattermost/mattermost-plugin-jitsi · GitHub has the .tar.gz files to download and then upload in the Mattermost System Console.

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