Getting started with Mattermost and Jitsi

With a Jitsi plugin, anyone can easily create a secure Jitsi meeting invite within a Mattermost channel.

Once a meeting is created, other channel members see a notification with a link to join the new meeting. Jitsi will either open in a new tab or open as an embedded meeting within the Mattermost UI. The plugin makes it simple for all end users to quickly and easily set up audio and video calls with colleagues and also share their screens.

Huge thank you to Sean Sackowitz who created this plugin!

How to get started?

  1. Install Jitsi:
  2. Install Mattermost:
  3. Install and configure the Jitsi-Mattermost plugin:

Need help?

If you have any questions or need help with troubleshooting, let us know by responding to this thread, or opening a new issue in the Jitsi-Mattermost plugin repository.

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Hello Team,

  1. Can we integrate the Jitsi Meet plugin even with Mattermost Community version server or do we require Mattermost Enterprise version for integration of such plugins . We are having in house deployment of Mattermost Community Version .
  2. Is there any performance related impact for Mattermost App since Integrating Jitsi App may require higher bandwidth than normal as Audio Video calling will be there.

Thank you .
Regards ,

Hi, @rohan23

With reference to the questions that you have:

  • Integrations (plugins) installation is available across all Mattermost offering. So, it should work on the community version that you are running as long as it is enabled.
  • No specific issues that is highlighted in the bug tracking portal here as well as the plugin’s Github page too.

Hope that helps.

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@ahmaddanial Thank you very much for your reply, This satisfactorily answers my all queries .

Regards ,

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