Jitsi Meet Plugin room names

I installed mattermost with docker and I’m very impressed from mattermost.
Now I have 1 little question, but I think this is very easy for the most of you.

  1. I configured a jitsi-meet server and use the jitsi plugin for mattermost.
    If I start a call its generate a room on jitsi Server, but the name of these rooms are a little bit crazy.
    It would be better to have an ID or someting else.
    How can I modify the room names?

Thanks to everyone who read this and try to help me.

It seems a fix related to this was submitted yesterday: https://github.com/mattermost/mattermost-plugin-jitsi/pull/40.

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Thanks a lot for the answer, but can you explain how I can activate it?
I removed and installed the plugin again, but the generated names are still the same.

Hi @Ipfan

I believe that the fix is still on its way based on the the pull request shared by @amy.blais that was submitted yesterday. So, stay tuned by subscribing to the thread:


Thank you for the information, I misunderstood it :wink:

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