Keyboard shortcut for react to last message won't work on German keyboard

The keyboard shortcut for “react to last message” won’t work on my German keyboard. It is supposed to be Ctrl+Shift+\ (Backslash). However, on my German keyboard, this won’t work. It will just produce the “ß” symbol.

Hello, @mhsurfer

  • Would you mind sharing if this has worked before on your end?
  • If yes, what was the Mattermost Server and desktop app version that you were using? What is the version that you are on now?
  • Can you please confirm if this is only specific to that keyboard shortcut? Anything else that is not working as expected?
  • This was the first time I tried to use this shortcut
  • All other shortcuts seem to work

Hi, @mhsurfer

I’d like to see if I can reproduce it on my end. Can you confirm which Mattermost Server version are you on and the desktop app version as well?

Can you also confirm which specific keyboard are you using on your end?

  • Windows client is v4.7.2
  • Server is v8.17.0
  • It should be the “German - Standard” layout: Large Return key with the hash below the plus key. Not the one in your screenshot.