New for Mattermost 3.1: Keyboard Shorcuts

Mattermost 3.1 (releasing June 16) offers keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate through channels and make a more efficient use of your keyboard, including

  • CTRL/CMD + K: Open channel switcher
  • Alt + Shift + Up/Down: Previous/Next channel or direct message with unread messages.
  • CTRL/CMD + U: Upload a file

To see all available keyboard shortcuts, check out our docs

Big thank you to everyone who shared feedback, forum requests, uservoice voting and contributions toward this feature!

If you would like to request additional shortcuts, you can do so at our Feature Idea forum.


HI, looks like when I press the key to get the character to format the text as a code (AltGr + ] ) Open me the dialog windows of shorcuts of keyboard, do you know how can I deactivate this?

What keyboard layout do you have?

I’m wondering if it’s the same issue as reported here:

If so, I can reopen the ticket.

Yes that´s my issue, I have in my OS language english but my keyboard is ES(Spanish Mexico) > Keyboard > Latin America

Got it, reopened the ticket. If anyone would like to help submit a fix, let us know!

Speaking of keyboard shortcuts … :slight_smile:

Hi, I used this en Chrome, and goes well but in Windows10 client has the same behaivor. :frowning:

Hi @maxing801 - are you referring to the ticket that was opened ( or another issue?