License key error log

I’m on TEAM EDITION, why am I getting an ENTERPRISE lincese key error?

Steps to reproduce
go to Server Logs

Expected behavior

  • no error

Observed behavior

  "caller": "platform/license.go:104",
  "error": "resource: License id: ",
  "level": "error",
  "msg": "License key from required to unlock enterprise features.",
  "timestamp": "2024-03-22"

How do you know you’re running the Teams edition?

You can make sure by downloading from Version Archive - Mattermost documentation

docker image: MATTERMOST_IMAGE=mattermost-team-edition

why enterprise key checking?

I believe that if you are fiddling in your config and try to enable something that requires a license, you’ll get that error. It won’t hurt anything, and that feature just won’t work. Maybe dump your running config and diff it against a stock out-of-the-box Teams config and see if anything pops out?