Limitation about Pinned message and Flagging messages

Hi, I wonder how many pinned messages and flagging messages are set up.

Hi @Judy,

Can you help elaborate on what you mean by “limitations”? I believe pinned messages are shown per channel and flagged messages are shown per team.

How many messages can I store per channel?
Thanks for reply.

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Hi @Judy,

From a community member:

The amount of flagged/pinned messages is unlimited (assuming infinite disk space; if you have only a finite amount of disk space that’s most likely the limiting factor).

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Hi, @amy.blais

This is a very useful information that can help answer similar question from future users. Perhaps it will be good to include this information in the Pinning Messages? For example:

:exclamation: Take note that the amount of flagged / pinned messages that you can have in a channel is only limited to the disk space.

It can be rephrased to deliver a clearer message nevertheless. What’s your thought about that?

Hi @dannymohammad,

Good idea, I opened a doc PR for this here:

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