List all users on Server

Hey all! Is there a way to list all users on a server? Not just on a team but all users in all teams on the serverl?


Currently on 3.5 looking to upgrade here soon.

Hi @mathurin,

That feature was actually added in Mattermost 3.8, so when you upgrade, you’ll have access to that in the System Console under the Reporting > Users section.

Ah, ok good to know - upgrading tonight!

Hi @mathurin,

Circling back to find out how things went after you upgraded?

The upgrade went super easy and took maybe ten minutes total, I don’t quite remember but there was some slightly diffferent verbage with backing up the postgres database going from 3.8 to 3.9.

We went ahead and got the E10 licenses for the auditing and extra sign on features so trying to get ldap to work right now, but it gives us a chance to try the next day support.

Also, one of the smart guys here has done some stuff with webhooks that have been a huge help!

@mathurin, great news :slight_smile:

Let us know if you experience any problems and we’ll gladly try to assist!

How do we get a downloaded list that is usable and not just onscreen? I’m on Team Version 4.1.0. Thank you

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