Mattermost Apache2 SSL Connection Issues

I have set up SSL with Apache2 and LetsEncrypt, and it is causing lag with my Mattermost server

Steps to reproduce
Mattermost 7.3.0-rc3, Apache webserver 2.4.55 using LetsEncrypt SSL certs using certbot, running Mattermost through TrueCharts container in TrueNAS-SCALE-22.12.0
I have a reverse proxy set up from my Apache 2 web server with the same configuration found here: Configuring Apache2 as a proxy for Mattermost Server The Mattermost server is on a separate IP, not the same machine as the Apache 2 web server

Expected behavior
No lag in message receiving between clients

Observed behavior
Seeing “Please check connection, Mattermost unreachable” errors on all clients that try to connect, switching between channels will update messages, but sending a message will not register until the channels are switched, or after a very long time.

Solution: Rewrite rule was pointing at wrong IP.