Mattermost beta iOS app 1.8.0 (104) Can’t type Chinese and need passcode everytime

Mattermost Beta 1.8.0 (104)
iPhone X, 11.3.1

  1. Can’t type Chinese.

  2. What is this ‘ Enter iPhone passcode for “Mattermost Beta” Secured by Local Test ’ ?
    I need to hit the passcode everytime I open the app. It’s very annoying.


Please feel free to let me know if I can do any further help with these, thanks!

Hi @tru! We have been unable to reproduce the first issue, can you help give more details on which Chinese keyboard you are using?

Hi @amy.blais,
The keyboard is Chinese (Simplified) - Pinyin

And here is video I just recorded:
Please check this out.

Hi @tru! Giving you a quick update here that our team is in the process of testing this issue. I’ll let you know the results / next steps soon.