Mattermost Calls - Self Hosted

I just upgraded my self-hosted mattermost instance and calls plugins to the latest versions. In looking at the calls settings there is now a new option “RTCD service URL” that is for enterprise plan users only. Does this mean for non-enterprise users these calls will reach out to a mattermost hosted WebRTC service? Or does it continue to function as before?

In my use case I need to make sure all of the services used are internal and do not reach out to any external or cloud hosted services. Before I was able to verify that my server was not generating any outside connections.

Is this option only there for scalability if you need to offload WebRTC to an external service?

Hi @mrwtn865 and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

This option offers scalability and can be used if you do not want to host the rtcd and Mattermost on the same instance. The calls plugin comes with a fully working rtcd instance integrated which will be started alongside the plugin and be running on your Mattermost server, the enterprise feature is to be able to host this rtcd instance (or multiple instances) on different servers.

So I can confirm that Calls are still self-contained, just make sure to also use the ICEHostOverride feature to point the calls clients to your Mattermost instance and make sure the UDP port 8443 is available to your clients on the URL/IP of this ICEHostOverride server (which will usually be your Mattermost server’s domainname/IP address).

Thanks for the clarification!