MatterMost Client - Multiple Chat Windows

In the native MatterMost client, is there a way to “pop out” conversations so that you can have multiple chat windows sitting side by side? If you’ve ever used Google Apps Hangouts - something like that.

I’m finding it very difficult to jump back and forth in the native interface to see messages coming in.

Am I missing something? Does this already exist?

Hi @tasjr,

Thanks for your feedback,

At present, multiple chat windows are not a feature. As a work around you can open different servers / teams in multiple tabs of the Desktop App or multiple browser tabs.

If you’d like, you can open a feature request on our forum where it can be up-voted up to 10 times by yourself and others.

I think this is the right topic.

I’m resuming this old conversation because it’s one of the first link reported by google when looking for “mattermost separate windows” and I hope that adding the link above will upvote this feature :wink:

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