[SOLVED] Impossible to find the mattermost window after logout of a multiscreen session on Windows

It’s been a few times that I realize that when I disconnect from a session with multi screen, I must to reboot my laptop to recover my mattermost window.
I switch from a 3 screens session to a session with only my laptop screen.
If I leave my window on an external screen before disconect I have no solution to find it.
Is it only a windows problem because my other apps automatically comeback on my single screen?

Hi @thomasbellois, thanks for the report. I’ve let the Desktop app team know and we’ll try to reproduce the issue. I’ll post back here with an issue link if we can confirm the issue

Hi @thomasbellois, which Mattermost Desktop App version do you have? You can find it out from the “Help” menu, then “Version”.

I am using the 3.5.0 version.
I found a workaround by staying on the icon of the taskbar and select resize on the reprsentation of the frame but it doesn’t solve the problem.

thanks @thomasbellois - there were some fixes made for multiscreen set up in v3.7.

Would you like to try downloading the latest version? Let us know if it’s not resolved on the latest update: https://about.mattermost.com/downloads/

Effectively, it seems to be corrected on the lastest version.
Thanks for the answer, I am a big fan of mattermost.

Good to know @thomasbellois! Pleased your issue is resolved!