Mattermost Desktop App ...Loading... but nothing happens!

Hi !

After installing PopOs! 22.04, Mattermost Desktop app (flatpak and repo install) remains on a Loading screen
On my browser Firefox 104.0.2, Mattermost works perfectly !

It concerns Mattermost Desktop app 5.1.1

Hi Jeancre,

several people already reported that and the combination is always PopOS and FramaTeam, so I suppose they have something wrong in their documentation or configuration.
The problem is a redirect on the FramaTeam server which causes this issue and will not let you use the app. In the desktop app logfiles you will then usually see an error like:

[2022-08-26 11:14:42.105] [info]  Prevented desktop from navigating to:

Can you please stop the app again and remove the directory $HOME/.var/app/com.mattermost.Desktop to clear all the configurations and caches for it and start over new with the account setup?
What did you put into the “Server URL” textbox?

Hi Alexander,

Thanks a lot for your reponse.
I’m so sorry to waste your time, the problem was the Server URL was just wrong…
I was trying with Mattermost and is just what brings you on login page on the app.

Sorry and thanks again !

Great, thanks for the confirmation! Is somewhere on their documentation the wrong URL mentioned which causes this problem or where did you get the /tdr URL?

Hi Alexander, sorry for my late answer

No, I cannot find any notification where it says the issue was the wrong URL, it was just “loading…”
The /tdr was just a thought, that I had to give the name of our group inside the URL box.
So, now it works !
Thanks !