Mattermost Desktop Apps v1.1.0

The electron-mattermost project is now the official desktop application for the Mattermost open source project.

Download available from:


All platforms

  • Rename project from electron-mattermost to desktop
  • Rename the executable file from electron-mattermost to Mattermost
    • The configuration directory is also different from previous versions.
    • Should execute following command to take over config.json.
      • Windows: copy %APPDATA%\electron-mattermost\config.json %APPDATA%\Mattermost\config.json
      • OS X: cp ~/Library/Application\ Support/electron-mattermost/config.json ~/Library/Application\ Support/Mattermost/config.json
      • Linux: cp ~/.config/electron-mattermost/config.json ~/.config/Mattermost/config.json


All platforms

  • Refine application icon.
  • Show error messages when the application failed in loading Mattermost server.
  • Show confirmation dialog to continue connection when there is certificate error.
  • Add validation to check whether both of Name and URL fields are not blank.
  • Add simple basic HTTP authentication (requires a command line).


  • Show a small circle on the tray icon when there are new messages.



  • File > About does not bring up version number dialog.


  • File > About does not bring up version number dialog.
  • Ubuntu: Notification is not showing up.
  • The view crashes when freetype 2.6.3 is used in system.

Known issues

All platforms

  • Images with http:// do not render.
  • Some keyboard shortcuts are missing. (e.g. Ctrl+W, Command+,)
  • Basic authentication requires a command line.


  • Application does not appear properly in Windows volume mixer.