Mattermost Desktop (beta)

There’s been an increasing number of community requests for the Mattermost core team to recommend an official desktop application.

We discussed this request with the creators of the leading Mattermost desktop applications from the community. It seemed the best place to start was with “electron-mattermost” created and maintained by Yuya Ochiai.

It provided pre-compiled binaries for Windows, Mac and Linux and is in active development.

Thanks to Yuya Ochiai, the electron-mattermost project has been renamed and moved to

Yuya Ochiai continues as the project maintainer. The Mattermost team will work with the existing electron-mattermost community to develop an official high quality application for everyone to use.

Huge thanks to Yuya Ochiai and the electron-mattermost contributors for building something people love.

Thanks also to everyone who’s contributed to other client projects, each with its unique strengths and benefits. We hope that the best elements of those projects might find their way to mattermost/desktop over time, to be shared with the broader community.

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Hi @it33,

I can confirm that electron-mattermost is a great application. The only feature I am missing to state it is perfect is that the notifications under MacOS are shown only a couple of seconds. I would love to have an option to select whether the notification is permanent or not. The Mattermost team is doing an excellent job.

Cool, it already works great and comes with just a few noticable bugs. Hope it gains traction fast!