Mattermost Docker Web Container


I would like to check if i am using the web container, how can I change the url to use https?

Hello, @khsu

I believe that he question that you have here is similar to an existing topic that was raised before, which was related to Docker deployment with HTTPS.

May I know if you have can have a look at NGINX as a proxy option for your Mattermost Docker installation by referring to the steps in How do I setup an NGINX proxy with the Mattermost Docker installation?

Additionally, you may want to take a look at this article Mattermost Server Docker Installation Tutorial as well as it provides a guide to do this too.

Hi @ahmaddanial,

I read that the web docker container actually has nginx installed and that ssl termination is not required.

I also followed the guide in the docker installation, however https is not working still.

I have enabled enabled_SSL = true , i have added the required certs in the respective directory.

Hope you can enlighten me on this