Mattermost file sharring issue

When attaching files to dms or channels if the file is over say 100mb it does not show up and causes the mattermost client to seize on that dm.

Using 7.8.4 try to send files over mattermost.

Files are uploaded and sent to recipent.

Causes big void in chat where a file should be but doesn’t do anything and causes crash or freeze.

This is most likely a serverside issue, there is the configuration option FileSettings.MaxFileSize in your server’s config.json which needs to be checked and if you have a reverse proxy (nginx f.ex.) in front of your server, you also need to check if it limits the amount of data allowed to be uploaded. In nginx the configuration value is called client_max_body_size and the default value in the Mattermost examples is 50MB I think.

Thanks @agriesser
I was having issues with this at first but found the correct location in our nginx server for our mattermost configuration. works now :+1:

Awesome, good to hear and thanks for reporting back :slight_smile: