Please enable to set the MAX_FILE_SIZE in configuration

I am considering Mattermost because The Slack’s speed of submit file is very slow and its storage size limit

but now, Mattermost’s MAX_FILE_SIZE setting is limit on binary build. not conf.


do you have any plans for adding “MAX_FILE_SIZE” in config.json on next release?

Hi @jongsic,

Highly appreciate your feedback. To add a configuration setting for max file sizes significnatly above the current 50 MB setting we need to add a jobber to be able to accept larger uploads. It’s certainly feasible, we just need to weigh this feature idea against the other requests from the community.

Could we ask your help to add this to the Mattermost feature idea forum so it can be upvoted?

Adding this issue lets you receive notifications as the feature moves from an idea to planned, as implementation is started and implementation its completed.

Alternatively, some features ideas may be set to accepting pull requests from the community for completion, and you’ll receive alerts on that as well.

Thank you for your interest in improving Mattermost.