Mattermost publicly searchable channels


I’m a developer in Eclipse community. Many teams in Eclipse started using Mattermost. I think it is a great tool for team collaboration.

Someone asks if is possible to make public the content of a channel, so one can actually search content before registering. This would be useful for teams who want to share content via “openly accessible” permalinks.

Exampe 1: this eclipse mhonarc permalink is public

Example 2: this (eclipse/webtools) mattermost channel permalink is accessible only to registered users
–> I would say this is kind of discouragig for “open source” teams

Thanks for the consideration

Patrik Suzzi

Hi @psuzzi,

Thanks for your question, we love to see the Eclipse community using Mattermost, and also contributing back,

Publicly searching channels isn’t currently available. Would highly appreciate your help adding a feature idea which can be discussed and upvoted,

Alternatively, the Web Service API could probably be used to add this outside the product. API documentation is not fully implemented, but you can examine the Javascript and Golang drivers to figure out how to access the APIs needed for this.

I added this feature via uservoice:

Please vote.

I think it is also important to make them searchable from Google. So if something useful (some issue, for instance) was discussed in the public channel people will be able to find it! BTW, it is my current problem with gitter: most of the support of many open-source libs is done via gitter and it is not searchable, so when I google my problem I often do not know that it was discussed in gitter!