Mattermost Security Researcher Mug

We have Mattermost Contributor Mugs for people making their first contribution to either the Mattermost code base or who tell us about a Mattermost project they’re sharing with the community.

Previously we sent the same gifts to Security Researchers for their first contribution of a confidential vulnerability report leading to a security fix in the Mattermost code base, per our responsible disclosure policy.

We’re happy to announce today that instead of the standard mug, Security Researchers will be getting a new special edition Mattermost Security Researcher Mug.

The special edition mug appears dark when at room temperature, and when heated with a hot drink it turns white and reveals the Mattermost Security Research logo and an inscription with the contributor’s name and date of contribution.

The words “Thank you for your discretion” appear in small print as well, to show our appreciation of a vulnerability report shared responsibly with the Mattermost project to benefit the community.

We hope this fun improvement helps convey how much we appreciate the work across the community.

For more information on how to contribute to the Mattermost as a security researcher, please see our responsible disclosure policy.

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