Mattermost support for add bot user and share app(bot user, webhook slash command) to other channel or team like slack?

Already provided webhook and Slash commands, but do not provide bot user and don’t share.

  1. I want to customize bot user and share bot user. More channel or team can use the bot user.
  2. User management support special user about bot (no password)
  3. I already customize webhook or slash command, but don’t publish app like slack. so I can’t share to other channel or team.I must be re customized.

Hi ttllyy,

We don’t support bot users at this time, but that has been suggested to us by the community here. If you sign up over there, you can request and vote on new features that you would like us to add.

Slack provide bot user, so we can share and add bot user to different channel.
Bot user is normal user add don‘t need password.
I think bot user is very import function.

Please see Bots section in Apps & Integrations as there are some open source solutions from the community to try

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