Mattermost V7.1.3 and the file blocker plugin

I’ve installed Mattermost V7.1.3 and there is the “file blocker” utility installed ( File Blocker (com.github.muratbayan.mattermost-file-blocker - 1.1.0). The blocker setting is: allowed extensions are
jpg,png,gif,jpeg, under V6.3.9 pop up a message “Konnte Datei HDT2.txt nicht hochladen. Vom Plugin zurückgewiesen: File Blocker plugin - This file attachment extension is not allowed” and under V7.1.3 we don’t a message, the uploaded file has the status processing and is blocked, but no message is visible. In the log, I see a correct message :
<timestamp":“2022-09-28 15:01:06.421 +02:00”,“level”:“info”,“msg”:“Unsupported file attachment extension”,“caller”:“app/plugin_api.go:937”,“plugin_id”:“com.github.muratbayan.mattermost-file-blocker”,“filename”:“HDT2.txt”,“user”:“frsubcmejibzxce7y1t9guu9tr”,“extension”:“txt”,“allowedExtensions”:“jpg, png, gif, jpeg”}>
A blocking message on the GUI was very helpful.

Hi Roger,

thanks for reporting - I’ve forwarded this issue to Murat (the creator of the plugin) and he will take a look and get back to us on that then. Please stay tuned!

Hi Roger,

Thank you for reporting this, I have not tested the file blocker against the latest MM versions yet
I will look into it and update the plugin as needed.


PS: Thank you Alexander for bringing this to my attention

Thank you for your support, as additional information, the behavior is present with Chrome Browser version 105.0.5195.127 (Official Build) (64-bit).