Mattermost v7.9.1 team-edition helm deployment issues

AWS EKS Cluster running v1.23 Kubernetes
Using standard StorageClass gp2 provided by the EKS deployment

I am using the full values file for deployment:

helm install mattermost-server mattermost/mattermost-team-edition -f mattermost-values.yaml -n mattermost --set storageclass=gp2

During deployment, issues with permissions to create directories for plugins.

Error Example:
mattermost-team-edition {“timestamp”:“2023-03-19 04:04:06.131 Z”,“level”:“error”,“msg”:“Failed to install prepackaged plugin”,“caller”:“app/plugin.go:964”,“path”:“/mattermost/prepackaged_plugins/mattermost-plugin-calls-v0.14.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz”,“error”:“Failed to install extracted prepackaged plugin /mattermost/prepackaged_plugins/mattermost-plugin-calls-v0.14.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz: installExtractedPlugin: Unable to generate plugin webapp bundle., unable to copy webapp bundle directory: com.mattermost.calls: mkdir client/plugins/com.mattermost.calls: permission denied”}

mkdir client/plugins/com.mattermost.nps: permission denied"
mkdir client/plugins/playbooks: permission denied"
mkdir client/plugins/com.mattermost.calls: permission denied"
mkdir client/plugins/focalboard: permission denied"

After running exec into the pod, I am also unable to create the directories unless I change the permissions on the plugins directory to 777

There is also a nagging license error

I am prevented from installing gitlab plugin from the Console which is required for our testing.

Did you change any policies and/or user & group IDs?

Some policies & user/group IDs are hard-coded. The way to fix it for you individually is to fork the Helm chart, build your own Docker image with the IDs you need & then it should work.

Otherwise, there may be some restricitions on your vendor-specific storage method.