Plugin installation fail

Hello I use mattermost 7.7.0 team edition deployed with this char helm mattermost-helm/charts/mattermost-enterprise-edition at master · mattermost/mattermost-helm · GitHub

The plugin installation fail

Steps to reproduce
Activate plugins

Expected behavior
plugin are installed and available in the app

Observed behavior
plugin installation failed. There is an example of plugin installation faillure

{"timestamp":"2023-04-14 07:09:37.199 Z","level":"error","msg":"Failed to install prepackaged plugin","caller":"app/plugin.go:967","path":"/mattermost/prepackaged_plugins/mattermost-plugin-nps-v1.3.1-linux-amd64.tar.gz","error":"Failed to install extracted prepackaged plugin /mattermost/prepackaged_plugins/mattermost-plugin-nps-v1.3.1-linux-amd64.tar.gz: installExtractedPlugin: Unable to move plugin from temporary directory to final destination. Another plugin may be using the same directory name., mkdir plugins/com.mattermost.nps: permission denied"}

I think this is “normal” because the chart make the volume “plugin” be mounted on the container in the mattermost/client/plugins and the plugin try to be installed in the mattermost/plugin folder where no volume is mounted. Did I miss something ?

Hi @360 ,

I think this is related to your previous topic, so I’m linking them here:

I’m unable to help you with this issue, because I do not use K8S, but I’ll see if I can find someone who’s able to help.

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Hello @agriesser

Any news ? I still encouter this problem issue in 7.9.3 and plugins are important functionalities for my company

Hi @360 ,

as I said, I’m not using Kubernetes here, so I don’t have a solution or workaround, but please have a look here, this user posted a workaround that might also help you:


Thank you for your answer. It looks like other users has exactly the same right problem than me that cause plugin installation faillure. I tested the workaround posted by this user but my init container has no right to change the right on the folder /client/plugins “operation not permitted”

Could you maybe ask in the other thread? I’ve no test environment for that and cannot help with that issue, sorry.