Documentation for installing plugins when using helm


Unclear documentation on how to install plugins using helm charts.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install the official mattermost-team-edition helm chart
  2. Upload an appropriate plugin.tar.gz file
  3. Restart server

Expected behavior

Plugin stays installed and appears as enabled.

Observed behavior

The plugin initially appears and is installed but cannot be enabled due to this issue. The workaround is to configure Mattermost using configJSON.

I assume because we are using PersistentStorage that the plugin does get installed but lacks the sufficient permissions to overwrite the config.json file. When the server is restarted it does not find the plugin.

I would like to suggest updating the documentation for Plugins: {} and PluginState: {} so that after installing a plugin, these can be properly updated to reflect plugin options.

As an advanced request, it would be really nice to be able to specify links to install via a helm value :wink:

Hi @tlackemann, thank you for bringing this up. Would you be open or interested in updating the docs for this? If not, our team can also help.