Plugins removed after instance restart

Plugins reset in each startup. I want to mantain my current installed plugins.

Steps to reproduce
Im running my own instance of mattermost-app with docker (follow GitHub - mattermost/docker: Redesigned mattermost-docker). I have all data in volumes (plugins, client/plugins, data, logs, config).

To reproduce this error:

  • Install a plugin in a running mattermost app (using marketplace)
  • Restart mattermost app (recreate mattermost-app container)
  • Then you can see that your new plugin is not installed.

Expected behavior
I expect that Mattermost save the installed plugins and when I restart my instance maintain all my configurations.

Observed behavior
When I restart the container I can see that all the files inside “plugins” folder are deleted and 4 plugins are installed (focalboard, welcomebot, playbooks, mattermost-plugin-gitlab)