Plugins removed after instance restart

Plugins reset in each startup. I want to mantain my current installed plugins.

Steps to reproduce
Im running my own instance of mattermost-app with docker (follow GitHub - mattermost/docker: Redesigned mattermost-docker). I have all data in volumes (plugins, client/plugins, data, logs, config).

To reproduce this error:

  • Install a plugin in a running mattermost app (using marketplace)
  • Restart mattermost app (recreate mattermost-app container)
  • Then you can see that your new plugin is not installed.

Expected behavior
I expect that Mattermost save the installed plugins and when I restart my instance maintain all my configurations.

Observed behavior
When I restart the container I can see that all the files inside “plugins” folder are deleted and 4 plugins are installed (focalboard, welcomebot, playbooks, mattermost-plugin-gitlab)


what mattermost version are you using? I tried to reproduce that here locally with several versions going back to 6.7.0 and could not reproduce that. Manually installed plugins as well as plugins installed from the Marketstore stay available after a docker compose down and subsequent docker compuse up session.

The containers have been recreated (I checked with docker ps -a) and verified that they had a different ID afterwards.
Could it be that your filesystem permissions are wrong? Can you run the following command and verify the output with mine?

:~/mattermost/mm-6.7.0# ls -l volumes/app/mattermost/plugins/
total 28
drwxr--r-- 4 2000 2000 4096 Jul 15 15:53 com.mattermost.apps
drwxr--r-- 5 2000 2000 4096 Jul 15 15:53 com.mattermost.nps
drwxr--r-- 6 2000 2000 4096 Jul 15 15:53 com.mattermost.plugin-channel-export
drwxr--r-- 5 2000 2000 4096 Jul 15 15:53 com.mattermost.wrangler
drwxr--r-- 7 2000 2000 4096 Jul 15 15:53 focalboard
drwxr--r-- 3 2000 2000 4096 Jul 15 15:52 mattermost-autolink
drwxr--r-- 6 2000 2000 4096 Jul 15 15:52 playbooks

“Wrangler” is the manually installed plugin (since it’s not in the market store) and “autolink” has been pulled of the marketstore.
Both plugins are automatically enabled after restart and working.