Mattermost with BigBlueButto unable to access from Local LAN using domain name

Hi guys,
Glad to be here :slight_smile: Been playing around with Mattermost and setting up a server on a local VM on my home network, really like what mattermost offers as an opensource project.
I have a query or question re my install and any advice or guidance would be appreciated.

I have mattermost setup and configured on an Ubuntu VM, the VM has a static IP as well. I created a domain name using no-ip and have the relevant ports forwarded on my router to my mattermost server IP. I can access MM on the same LAN using the IP and the domain name created. Once I setup BigBlueButton with their script enabling SSL and letsencrypt, it succeeds. But then when I try access my MM server using the domain name from the same LAN it refuses to connect. When I disconnect from the LAN which hosts the MM server and connect via another network I am able to connect using the domain name and everything works.

I can however connect to MM using the IP when I am on the same LAN but not using the domain name, this happens when I enable and install BBB with SSL and letsencrypt.
Does anyone have any suggestions what I might be missing causing me to not connect using the domain name from the same LAN as the server?
Apologies for the long explanation, hope it makes sense.
Any info is highly appreciated!!

What errors do you see?

There arent any errors, the page just never loads… Its as if the domain name cannot be resolved somehow… Thinking traffic isnt being routed the way it should.
If I edit my host file to point the domain name to the internal IP then it works.