Matterpoll 1.0.0 Released

Matterpoll 1.0.0 got released. Matterpoll is a Mattermost plugin which allows users to create polls via a slash command.

This release we focused on getting the code ready to be stable. We rewrote most of the plugin code to make it prepared for the future.
But it also brings a couple of new features:

  • Poll Settings: You can set setting for a poll to e.g hide who voted for what at the end message. For further documentation see here.
  • End poll message: When a poll ends a message informing all channel members about this gets posted.
  • Improved permission: System Admins can now end and delete the polls of other people.

Please note: This release contains a breaking change. Due to changes how polls are stored this release is incompatible with previous versions of Matterpoll. Old polls are still visible, but you can’t vote in them.
This will be the first and last time we do such kind of change. Matterpoll is now stable :tada:.

The pre complied binary is available on GitHub

If you like the plugin give it a :star:

Hugo thanks to @kaakaa for the continuous effort he puts into this project!