Matterpoll 1.2.0 Released

Matterpoll 1.2.0 got released. Matterpoll is a Mattermost plugin which allows users to create polls via a slash command.

This release bring two new feature and a couple of small improvements to Matterpoll:

  • Improved poll UI: Your selected answer is now highlighted. What a highlight! Please note that this feature is not available on Mobile and is marked as experimental. You can enable it in the plugin settings menu.
  • Bot accounts: Matterpoll now has it’s own bot! This allows for easier search of polls and for a more seamless poll creation.
  • Added Polish Translation (thanks burasuk!)
  • Creating a poll from an iOS device now works :tada: (Thanks @jesse for fixing this)

The precomplied binary is available on GitHub .

If you like the plugin give it a :star:.

Hugo thanks to @kaakaa for the continuous effort he puts into this project! Also thanks to @scottleedavis for reviewing the code.