Matterpoll 1.3.0 Released

Matterpoll 1.3.0 got released. Matterpoll is a Mattermost plugin which allows users to create polls via a slash command.

This release contains smaller quality improvements:

  • Confirmation dialog when deleting or ending a poll: We now show a small dialog when you try to end or delete a poll. This way you will never close a poll by accident.
  • 100% translated: We fixed the last remaining instances where we forgot to localize something.
  • Less error prone: Thanks for changes in the Mattermost Server Matterpoll now works mostly independent from the SiteURL.

The precomplied binary is available on GitHub .

If you like the plugin give it a :star:.

Hugo thanks to @kaakaa for the continuous effort he puts into this project! Also thanks to @scottleedavis for reviewing the code.