Matterpost behind proxy/load balancer


Some functions (creation of channel, “Users and Team” setting page) are missing when Matterpost runs behind the proxy/load balancer Pound

Steps to reproduce

I am running Mattermost 4.9.0 in a Production Docker Setup. From within my network Mattermost is accessable via http://mm:8065. To connect it to the internet I use Pound, which forwards HTTP requests and responses to mm:8065. We have been using Pound for many many years with many different web applications without any problems to far.

Expected behavior

From within my network I can create new channels and have the normal main menu. Unfortunately I am restricted to post one screenshot only.

Observed behavior

When accessing Mattermost form the outside via the Pound proxy I only see a very limited menu and cannot create new channels:
Unfortunately I am restricted to post one screenshot only.

Does anyone know what the problem is? Ideas to investigate the problem further are also highly welcome.

The problem is similar to the one reported here in the forum: Unable to display Users and Groups

Hi @jzedlitz

Can you try logging out of all your sessions? You can find it under account settings.

I have tried that. It did not help. As expected, removing the last session quit the current connection. However, after login I still can see only the shortened menus.

Hi @jzedlitz,

There were some bugs in 4.9.0 including certain pages of the system console being broken (link). Can you try upgrading to 4.9.2 to see if that fixes it? You may need to log out and back in after upgrading