Mention bug after upgrade, type @ does not bring user list

Did an upgrade over the weekend from 5.39 to 7.7, now type @ it will not bring up full user list of all group users as before. it only shows “all” “channel” “here”

Steps to reproduce
version 7.7.1, in a group channel that has multiple users, type @, it only shows “all” “channel” “here”, no other users are shown

Expected behavior
individual user name should appear in the pop up list.

Observed behavior
it only shows “all” “channel” “here”, no other users are shown

It appears the behavior is different between different client app.

  • the Mac app 5.1 shows all channel members correctly
  • the Mac app 5.2.2 shows no channel members
  • the Windows app 5.2.2 shows no channel members
  • the iOS app v2.0.0 shows no channel members
  • the browser app shows no channel members

see screenshot below, ew have 10 members in the channel (as indicated by the headcount displayed under the group title on the top), but only one user is shown as channel member.


could it be that you’re using anything else but the database for searching? Bleve or Elasticsearch? If so, could you try to rebuild this index or temporarily disable the external search source and fall back to the database search for autocompletion (you can configure that in the system console) and see if that helps?