Menu Elasticsearch not display

I’ve been experimenting with installing Mattermost using the mattermost/mattermost-enterprise-edition:9.5.3 image without uploading a license, and I’ve configured config.json as follows:

    "ElasticsearchSettings": {
        "ConnectionURL": "http://[My-Elasticsearch]:9200",
        "Username": "elastic",
        "Password": "[PASSWORD]",
        "EnableIndexing": true,
        "EnableSearching": true,
        "EnableAutocomplete": true,
        "Sniff": false,
        "PostIndexReplicas": 1,
        "PostIndexShards": 1,
        "ChannelIndexReplicas": 1,
        "ChannelIndexShards": 1,
        "UserIndexReplicas": 1,
        "UserIndexShards": 1,
        "AggregatePostsAfterDays": 365,
        "PostsAggregatorJobStartTime": "03:00",
        "IndexPrefix": "",
        "LiveIndexingBatchSize": 1,
        "BatchSize": 10000,
        "RequestTimeoutSeconds": 30,
        "SkipTLSVerification": false,
        "CA": "",
        "ClientCert": "",
        "ClientKey": "",
        "Trace": "",
        "IgnoredPurgeIndexes": ""

However, the System Console > Environment > Elasticsearch menu does not appear. Is a license required for this feature, or do I need to configure something additionally? Thank you very much."

Yes, an Enterprise license key is required to use Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch - Mattermost documentation

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