Can I manually install elasticsearch for the selfe-hosted free edition?

Hi guys, I am using Free Edition. Can I install Elasticsearch by myself following the instructions in this link without an enterprise license?
Thank you.

Hi @tungpx2036 and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

You can install elasitcsearch, but you cannot use it with Mattermost, because the search connector is buried in the enterprise code and this feature is only accessible with a valid license.

Thanks @agriesser so can I buy that feature only (elasticsearch) for enterprise edition? because for my company other features are not really necessary

Unfortunately, you cannot just buy single features, they’re grouped by editions and so you will also get all the other features of the enterprise edition, f.ex.
What exactly do you need Elasticsearch for? One alternative in the free edition might be the Bleve index (still flagged as experimental, but works very well).

Yes, I am using Bleve search but the data is growing rapidly and I want to try elastic search to see if there is any improvement in performance.
Thank you for your support.

You can start a free 30 day enterprise trial on your setup and see if Elasticsearch and the other features would help. When you’re done with the testing, you can either purchase a license or downgrade the server again, losing access to the enterprise features again. Your data, posts, users, etc. all will be kept active, so no need for a reinstallation.