Make search faster: disable file or bleve?


We’re super happy with Mattermost (6.1 on Debian buster), but with the growing number of posts (25 users, 80k posts), the search is super slow now: typically 10s.

Would you have some advice to make it faster? What do you think about these potential ideas?

  1. Disable file search: searching within files is not useful for us, would it be possible to disable it? How could I do that? Would it make search faster?
  2. Use Bleve: is it stable enough? Would it make search faster?
  3. Would there be any PHP settings that I should modify? Or in the Rate Limiting section? (I currently have the default parameters: Maximum Queries per Second:10 / Maximum Burst Size:100, Memory Store Size: 10000)
  4. I have read about Elasticsearch, but it looks complex to install and manage, isn’t it?

Thank you very much for your support!