Messages not delivered when forwarding port 80 to VM-port 8065 (make sure to forward all TCP traffic, not just HTTP)

Hey there,

I’m using mattermost/platform:dev from docker in a VMware VM running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on a windows host. VMware is configured to forward traffic incoming on port 80 to VM-port 8065.

Messages are not delivered until someone sends a message himself, depending on how I access mattermost:

  • Everything works fine inside the VM
  • Accessing localhost:80 from the windows host: messages do get delivered.
  • Accessing [IP]:80 from the windows host: messages do not get delivered until a message is sent.
  • Accessing [IP]:80 from a different host: messages do not get delivered until a message is sent.

I saw this but it does not seem to be related here. Could it be a firewall misconfiguration or am I missing something?

It sounds like the WebSocket isn’t able to connect. If you install 1.0 we now show an error msg to confirm when the WebSocket cannot reach the server. On an older version you can look at the browser console window and see connection error messages to confirm. I’m not that familiar with VMWare, but I suspect it’s only forwarding http traffic from 80 to 8065 and not all TCP traffic.

@jbick, just to add, sorry for the late response, your message got caught in the Akimet spam filter for some reason and we just found it.

Actually it was a firewall problem. Configuring VMWare to forward traffic from port 80 to 8065 is sufficient. Thanks, @coreyhulen

@it33: Yeah I got a message about that. Made me double-check every message I sent in the following week :wink: