MM App iPad Crashes after Running on Background

Hello all,

ios 14.3
mm 5.29.1
mm app 1.38

Ive noticed this issue, probably just happening on iPad, not sure about iPhone.

Open the MM app and switch to another app. Use it for a while and switch back to MM. It will crash with a dialogbox containing crash message.

I will try to capture it.

PS: crash happens to quickly. its very difficult to capture.

PS2: Great I got it:

PS3: Ive reinstalled MM app and the issue persists.


Would you be able to help provide specific reproduction steps and potentially a screen recording?

This is happening to a coworker as well. iPad is updated to 14.2 and MM app is on the latest version. MM server is 5.29.1. When I asked him to force quit the app and reopen it, the error persisted. It’s the same error message as above. Here is the screengrab:

We have pushed a fix for this issue and the other issue MM App iPad Crashes when Playing Youtube to the app stores now, should be available within the next few days.

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Great thanks. I was about to send you the videos showing the error.

Good job!

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