MM Client - using multi server tab feature to switch channels on same server

Hi. My goal is to switch between channels/chats with max. one click / keyboard shortcut.
Version 4.4.x Clients support connections to multiple MM servers, putting them in separate tabs.

But unfortunately the client does not allow to add the same server more than one time. A per-chat/channel tab option would be great!

  1. Any ideas how to make use of the multi server features to enable this use case?
    Adding the same server multiple times using config.json did not work.
  2. Why does the client limits the entry of same server multiple times?

@am-DE, I suspect the desktop app prohibits this to avoid confusion when setting up the servers. @eric, would this be a change that might be considered as a feature request?

As a hack, it might be possible to create a DNS alias for your server, but this likely won’t work with SSL.