MM iOS Message Stuck Bug

Hi all,

iOS Client: 1.24.0
MM Server: 5.16.0

I’ve spotted a new bug with this new release.

Using MM iOS, whenever the device goes offline, it is unable to send messages afterwards when the device goes back online.

Simply put, the new messages get stuck and nothing gets delivered.

The only way to fix it is by restarting the app.

All the stuck messages disappear and the new messages work ok.

Could you look into this please.


Hello, @RbDev

I am running the same version as yours on my iPhone but I was unable to properly reproduce the issue on my end. Can you please explain what do you mean by this?

  • Are you referring to when the iOS device does not have any network connectivity (Eg. Airplane mode)?

  • Did you tap on the :warning: icon and Try again after the device goes back online?

I tested this on my end by disabling my Wifi as well as the mobile data. While the message does not get delivered automatically after reconnection, the stuck / unsent messages were still there after I restarted the iOS app. So, I want to make sure if I might have missed out on any particular step. Keep me posted.

Its very easy to replicate. It happens all the time.

Turn off wifi.
Send messages
Turn on wifi
Send messages.
You should end up with those initial messages stuck.

Hi, @RbDev

Thank you for the clarification. So, you were actually referring to the messages sent when there is no network not automatically retried after the network is restored. For example:

As far as I know, there is no automatic retry hence the reason why I tapped the :warning: icon to Try again. I will confirm with the mobile team on the expected behavior nevertheless. Thanks.

Hi, @RbDev

So, I got the confirmation that the behavior is expected and there is a ticket open to have the failed messages automatically retried here:

Feel free to share additional thoughts to it and include your suggestion on how this will improve user experience with the mobile app. May I know if that works for you?

The idea is that messages should be sent in a queue.

So that new messages cannot get to the server before the old messages.

So send the stuck messages first then send the new ones. keeping them in the right order.

That is what any user would expect.

I hope this clarify it better.

Hello, @RbDev

Got it. I will share your feedback with the team internally. Please keep an eye on the ticket I linked earlier for direct updates nevertheless. Thank you.