Messages stuck on send

Hi all,

server: 5.9.0
client: ios 1.17.0

We’ve got a new issue when sending messages.

At some scenario, the user tries to send a message but it stays greyed out. afterwards he tries to send another message but the new message also stays greyed out. This using wifi connection.

“no internet connection” bar doesn’t show up and the device seems to have normal connection.

After a while the red exclamation icon appears on the right side of the message but the retry nor delete seems to work.

The only way to fix it is to force restart the app. The greyed out messages disappear and new messages tend to work ok.



Hi @RbDev,

I will test this today.

Hi @RbDev, unfortunately neither I or our developers have been able to reproduce this so far,

I’m adding a screenshot at the main post.