MM Server New Releases Wrong Version

Hi all,

I just noticed the last 3 releases had wrong version number.

The last/current one came as 5.12.0 but it should be 5.12.3.


Hi @RbDev, thank you for reporting this.

Next to v5.12.0 it says the build number is 5.12.3. Do you remember if it used to be formatted differently?

Hi @amy.blais,

The build number used to be a positive integer. as it should.

Of course the version number here should be xx.xx.xx and updated.


I’ll ask our team about this,

Our team said that this is expected on the mobile app.

Display incorrect version? This can’t be right.

You should tell the devs to fix this issue before users start getting confused about versions and end up reporting issues to wrong version or try to update their servers when they already have the latest.

The browser version is displaying it correctly.