MM up & Running Need Default admin Login

Deployed MM on EKS Nginx, NLB, TLS all good I can get to my “” I just never recieved my admin user/e-mail or password.

I went through some logs but can’t find my admin credentials? Is there a seperate URL? Docs? Or a way to make changes via kubctl?

Any help is appreciated.

Can you help with more details on your config settings? For example, what is this setting set to on your server: ?

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Thanks on my Matter most server in K8. Just need to know what command to run to output my admin credentials or find them. The mattermost binary command works. Thanks!

kubectl exec -it nginx-my# -n mattermost /bin/sh

ls ENTERPRISE-EDITION-LICENSE.txt config plugins NOTICE.txt data prepackaged_plugins fonts templates bin i18n client logs ~ cd config/
~/config $

Is config the right folder? If so how can I make edits to the server? Where?

I do not understand the mattermost CLI command structure or how to edit the config file just to enable enterprise version and get into to gui. I know what I need to configure just do not know how to update the configure.json changed the permision but vi does not work.

@paulrothrock @ahmaddanial Would someone on support team be familiar with this?